You've Been Diagnosed With Cancer, NOW WHAT ?

After you're diagnosed, you usually talk to an oncologist

about a medical treatment plan.

Then what?

Probably surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or a

combination of the above comes next.

How do you get your bearings? 

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A cancer diagnosis upsets your whole eco-system - body, mind, relationships, habitat and identity.
With a few simple steps we can create new balance through my EcoSystem of Healing™ .

5 Things to Do After Diagnosis

  1. Take Stock

  2. Create a Support System

  3. Protect Your Peace

  4. Identify what needs to get done and who's going to do it

  5. Get Physical

Questions to Help You Cope

How will I manage stress during cancer?

What is draining my energy?

How do I trust my intuition?

How do I want to experience this?

What's my new normal?

Balance Your Whole Ecosystem:

  • Body & Mind

  • Habitat

  • Identity

  • Relationships


Schedule First Coaching Session

I am a life coach and together we will create new balance after a cancer diagnosis. Schedule your first, complimentary 30-minute discovery session HERE to learn more about my EcoSystem of Healing™ program.

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